For a more sedentary ramble you might consider a turn in one of the meticulously maintained and unique gardens. 'The Queen's Walk' is a good place to start. Planted for Queen Victoria in anticipation of her visit to the area in 1861 this walk is full of old and rare varieties of imported Rhododendrons, vibrant Azaleas and Giant Tree Fern which were imported at the time by Sir William Petty, reputed founder of the original Sheen Falls Lodge and nearby Kenmare town. These fascinating plants thrive under the sub-tropical influence of the warm oceanic Gulf Stream. You will be immersed in a different world of exotic flora that you won't find anywhere else in Ireland and enveloped by the incredible scent that pervades the air.

For tree lovers, it is difficult not to be in awe of the vast English Oak, Irish Yew, Arbutus and the rare Monterey Pines, many aged in excess of 200 years, which tower over the Estate with a great sense of history and governance. Come at different times of the year to witness the luscious greens turn to golden browns, auburns, coppers and purples. A kaleidoscope of colour on the grandest scale.