The River Sheen gushes merrily through the Sheen Falls Estate, so if a spot of angling appeals to you, then you will be in for a real treat. After a hearty breakfast you are all set for a mornings fishing, somewhere on the 15 miles of private river bank. You then make your way to the Drying Room where you will don your fishing jacket and Wellington boots, choose you equipment and most importantly, meet your Ghillie.

Ghillies are some of the most passionate people about their chosen 'career'. After discussing the best bait to use, spinning, worm or fly (which some Ghillies expertly tie themselves), they will enthrall you with stories of the Wild Atlantic Salmon, defying gravity as they leap upstream in their quest to make it back to their pools to spawn in the Summer months. Incredibly Salmon always return to the same pool where they were born, season after season.

In the early years as small Grilse weighing between 2lb and 6lb and then as mature fish weighing anywhere between 6lb and 20lb. There may even be a couple of 25 pounders who have challenged and defied the most patient of anglers, year after year, looking up through the water as if to say, 'Catch me if you can!' and then teasingly and frustratingly disappearing for another year, but it is a wonderful excuse to return.

Although the season commences on the 15th March and runs through to the 30th September, the magical months of May, June and July when the Salmon are running can only be described as spectacular.