The game of tennis as we know it evolved from the most unlikely beginings. Carvings found in Egyptian temples dating from 1500 BC clearly show ball games being played as part of religious ceremonies. This tradition gradually spread into Europe and more specifically into the southern parts of France, where, around the 8th Century Christian Monks used sticks to hit wooden balls to each other within the Monastery walls.

As you can imagine, for Monks who had adopted a pledge of 'poverty, chastity and obedience', this frivilous pastime was seriously frowned upon by the Church but this only served to increase it's popularity.

By the 19th Century vulcanised rubber balls revolutionised the game and it moved outdoors to grassy lawns. The word tennis actually comes from the French word, 'Tenez' which they would shout when a game commenced.

At Sheen Falls Lodge, playing on the floodlit Savannah court overlooking Kenmare Bay surrounded by the beautiful Rose Garden is still a positively heavenly experience.