A story of resurrection, restoration and rejoicing of the classic 1936 Buick at Sheen Falls Lodge.

Originally owned by the Managing Director of a Danish company, this beautiful old lady somehow found her way into the hands of the Hoyer family in Copenhagen, ancestors of the present owner of Sheen Falls Lodge, Bent Hoyer. Having been part of the family for almost 20 years she eventually fell victim to modern times and was cast aside to make way for a more contemporary vehicle. The family outings on sunny days with her burgundy leather soft-top securely down were to be no more. She was banished unceremoniously to an old barn and for all intents and purposes, left to rot.

But there was to be a ray of light cast on this grim tale when she was discovered by friends of Bent, who lovingly restored her to her former glory and presented her to him. Bent decided that the best place for her to live out her retirement was in the beautiful surrounds of Kenmare and Sheen Falls but getting there was indeed another story...

Four whole days and nights through some of the most horrendous freezing conditions in the depths of winter was the gruelling drive that put all to the test, not least the Buick. But they finally arrived, safe and sound and the purr of her 8 cylinder engine still resonates for all to hear.

"It's not the type of car you would use to make time. It's the type you drive to relax and enjoy" Timmy Palmer: head porter, Sheen Falls Lodge